Car Tire Wheel Lights,Wheel lights for cars (4 pack)

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*Prouct Name:Car Tire Wheel Lights

*Material:High performance silicone waterproof

Wheel lights for cars Power:5W

*Overall power consumption:LED 9W

Wheel lights for cars Number of LED:4 pcs

*Size/Wei :4.3CM (diameter) * 3CM (height)/0.2KG

*Cable Length:Colorful

*Charging mode:Solar charging,lithium battery,button switching mode

*Installation method:Simple

*Accessories:Nuts, splints

Car Tire Wheel Lights,Wheel lights for cars

Driving warning, vehicle decoration function, the product is installed in the position of the auto tire nozzle, the light function is automatically turned on when the

speed exceeds 25KM /H, which can remind side vehicles and pedestrians to avoid or reduce traffic accidents. When the vehicle is running, the lights turn with

the wheels and the car lights are decorated.

Car Tire Wheel Lights Features:

1. the valve light diameter of about 4.5CM, height of about 2.4CM. Easy to install, just tighten the product on the gas nozzle on the car tires,the process can be completed within 15 seconds of a single person.

2. solar charging,lithium battery power,free wiring, maintenance-free,no need to replace the battery, efficient and friendly.

3. the product uses high-performance silicone wrapped, corrosion-resistant,anti-aging,high temperature, low temperature,water resistance is extremely good,can avoid high pressure water gun body wash caused the product damage.

4. intelligent control system,the product built-in vibration sensor and photosensitive devices,dark environment,the speed exceeds25KM/hour LED lights to open.

Push the bottom to choose 1/15 modes as you like.

Wheel lights for cars Specifications:

it's automatic transfer the color.So it's colorful and beautiful.

Car Tire Wheel Lights Package Include:

4 pieces tire lamp+ screw cap + wrench

Wheel lights for cars Special note:

1. strong light, the light does not shine. Light is weak, the speed is lower than 20KM / H is not bright.

2. The light is weak, while the speed is above 20KM/H, the light starts to light, the speed is lower than 20KM/H and turns off immediately after 2 seconds.

3. When the light is turned on, it will turn off the light immediately after encountering strong light.

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